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The Indian Listener

The Ramayaaa Of Valmiki
Author: All India Radio (AIR),New Delhi
Publisher: All India Radio (AIR),New Delhi
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The Indian Listener (fortnightly programme journal of AIR in English) published by The Indian State Broadcasting Service,Bombay ,started on 22 December, 1935 and was the successor to the Indian Radio Times in english, which was published beginning in July 16 of 1927. From 22 August ,1937 onwards, it was published by All India Radio,New Delhi.From July 3 ,1949,it was turned into a weekly journal. Later,The Indian listener became "Akashvani" in January 5, 1958. It was made a fortnightly again on July 1,1983. It used to serve the listener as a bradshaw of broadcasting ,and give listener the useful information in an interesting manner about programmes,who writes them,take part in them and produce them along with photographs of performing artists. It also contains the information of major changes in the policy and service of the organisation. NAME OF THE JOURNAL: The Indian Listener LANGUAGE OF THE JOURNAL: English DATE,MONTH & YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 27-11-1949 PERIODICITY OF THE JOURNAL: Weekly NUMBER OF PAGES: 68 VOLUME NUMBER: Vol. XIV, No. 34 BROADCAST PROGRAMME SCHEDULE PUBLISHED(PAGE NOS): 19-30, 32-43, 45-56, 58-64 ARTICLE: 1. Listening Conditions In December 2. What Life Meant To Me 3. Education Through Art 4. The Beau 5. Cereals 6. The Railways 7. Integration Of States 8. Avoidable accidents in storage 9. The All-Rounder In Sports AUTHOR: 1. R. B. L. Srivastava 2. Acharya Narendra Deva 3. G. Venkatachalam 4. Mr. Justice S.K. Das 5. Dr M.V. Radhakrishna Rao 6. N. C. Ghosh 7. B. L. Miller 8. P.V.A. Raman 9.C. Ramaswami KEYWORDS: 1. Transmission wavelengths of All India Radio, National Home Service, Services for Overseas Listeners 2. Moral life, Artistic life, Individualism and humanity 3. Analysis and psychology of art education, Art in Indian life 4. Art and creativity, Literature and creativity 5. Balanced diet, Staple food in Asia 6. Railway construction in India, Famine Commission and railway construction 7. Formation of Sourashtra, Formation of Madhya Bharat, Formation of Vindhya Pradesh 8. Careless handling of inflammable substances, Careless storage of inflammable substance 9. Specialization in sports, All rounder in cricket Document ID: INL-1949 (N-D) Vol-III (04)